At home with: Lara Hodulick

Sunad's pareo in collaboration with Lara Hodulick
Lara Hodulick is an American born painter and creative living in Brooklyn, NY. She hand-paints textiles influenced by emotions, expressions, and modernism.  We've been following Lara's beautiful work on Instagram for sometime and when designed our SS18 collection we couldn't collaborate with anyone else. She mainly works on vintage silk shirts.

How would you describe your work?

Ljuka is hand painted textiles based on emotion, expression and modernism. I hand paint on vintage silk clothing, as well as a small production of clothing made from deadstock recycled silk. 

¿Cómo describirías tu trabajo?

Ljuka son tejidos pintados a mano sobre emociones, expresiones y modernismo. Pinto a mano sobre prendas vintage de seda además de una colección de ropa pequeña hecha con seda reciclada.

Lara Hodulick holding the pareo in collaboration with sunadpareo on the floor

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I pull inspiration from my daily life and travels. It could be a building or specific interior, or a flower or a horse in a meadow and from there I interpret what I see in abstract form.

¿Qué te inspira?

Busco inspiración en mi día a día y mis viajes. Puede ser desde un edificio a al interior de un sitio, o una flor o incluso un caballo en una pradera; de ahí interpreto lo que veo en una forma abstracta.

How does living in New York influence your work?

I am so fortunate to live in the same city as the MET, the Guggenheim and so many other incredible museums and galleries. I often visit them which greatly influences what I paint. I have lived in New York my whole life, from upstate along the Hudson River and 12 years now in the city, so both the countryside outside of NYC and the city is highly influential in my work. I need both places and they ultimately ground me in their separate ways.

¿Qué influencia tiene vivir en Nueva York en tu trabajo?

Soy muy afortunada de vivir en la misma ciudad donde están el museo MET, el Guggenheim y muchas más museos y galerias increíbles. Voy mucho a visitarlos y eso es una gran influencia en mi trabajo. He vivido en Nueva York toda mi vida, desde a las afueras cerca del río Hudson y desde hace 12 años en la ciudad, así que tanto el campo de las fueras como la ciudad son claves en mi trabajo. Los dos sitios me aportan cosas distintas. 

Talk us through your creative process

Music plays big part when I am painting, I have different playlists for different moods. Currently I am listening to a lot of Kate Bush, Sade and 80's ambient jazz. The creative process sort of starts with a simple idea where I sketch or paint in my sketchbook first. From there I use a wood board to separate the silk and literally go for it and paint on the silk by hand. It is always a bit nerve-wracking to mess up but the mistakes turn into part of the textile. If one area is darker than the other or a shape bleeds the paint I have learned to love the mistake, the mistakes become part of the piece. 

girl wearing the pareo as a turbant

Photo by Cecilia Renard

Best advice for a young artist?

If you have an idea, don't be afraid to find a way to construct it. I came up with the idea for Ljuka on a road trip from Arizona to L.A. and the day I got back to NYC I did research on paint and fabrics and made it happen. There will be trial and error but if you want to make it happen you can. We are so fortunate today with the internet and technology, and especially social media. I have made so many great connection and opportunities using social media, it is important to utilize these outlets.


What is your favourite way to wear a shirt?

I love to wear my shirts slightly oversized, tucked in or tied-upfront with jeans and big earrings :)