At home with: Danielle Copperman

At home with: Danielle Copperman
Danielle Copperman is a British model, author, well-being expert, founder of Qnola and all-around magical girl. We spoke to her about her about her lifestyle, London, beauty and many other things.

How would you describe what you do?

First off, I am a full time model signed with IMG and based in London. I am also founder of a start up breakfast brand called Qnola, which specialises in quinoa-based breakfast goods. I am also a writer (freelance and for my own website) and am the author of Well Being, my first book, published earlier this year. Alongside these projects I often host events based around wellbeing and natural living, and also work on a collaborative content creation and / or consultancy basis with other brands. I am passionate about wellbeing, natural living, holistic therapies and spiritual traditions, and enjoy researching, discovering and sharing all that I find that I think could enhance the lives of others, as well as do good for the planet. My mission is to help people to live more positively and with reduced stress, pressures and worries. It is also about inspiring people to feel fitter, stronger and healthier and more empowered, both mentally and physically.


danielle wearing sunad nambung terracotta shirtDanielle wears the Nambung Terracotta shirt.

How does living in London influence you?

In all honesty, London doesn't always have a great influence on me. I get caught up in the energy of the city which can often feel super heavy, draining, resistant and just generally a lot of effort. However, it is also a super creative place, especially where i live in East London. There are definitely very innovative influences living here, as there is always a lot going on and and lot of interesting people and interesting projects. I also like the diversity of the city and the opportunity to meet new and interesting people is one of my favourite parts of living here. It also influences me to work hard too, and inspires me to work for myself rather than for someone else. Witnessing the daily grind, the hustle and bustle and the commuters, I feel so motivated to make what I do work, and to work hard to make a difference, to inspire others and to help people feel better. I guess in fact, London influenced my brand initially as I wanted to work towards helping people to live better lives - with reduced stress, better physical and mental health and general positivity and happiness. The miserable side of London has a constant influence and what i do. Not sure if that's a good thing!?


Talk us through your daily routine

My routine changes daily, if not hourly! Since I technically have 3 jobs (potentially even some hundreds if you count all the areas I cover in my business, Qnola), I have to somehow manage all kinds of different tasks throughout the day, and throughout the week. I try to structure my days by separating certain jobs onto certain days, however there is always, always, always some overlap, and I can never really plan much. I might be on track for a day of knuckling down with business stuff, then I get a last minute casting or shoot that completely throws me off for the day. I love it though, it keeps me on my toes and I get bored easily so it's nice to have lots going on, and with a lot of variety. I'd say, generally speaking, my daily routine begins with waking, drinking 2 large glasses of water (something i've only adopted recently but it has incredibly impact on my body!), making a hot drink, meditation, yoga and / or a workout if i have time, checking emails, making breakfast then settling down to work, or running out the door to meetings / castings / shoots. I try to get in some evening exercise, especially if i didn't fit any in in the morning, so will either do this around 5pm or i'll go to my yoga studio which has late classes starting at 8pm - the perfect way to wind down. I'll usually see friends or have events to go to in the evenings, so either i'll spend the evening getting ready for those, or i'll chill at home (often working into the night, as much as i'd like to avoid it!). I end the day by reading or watching something, and speaking with friends, family or my boyfriend on FaceTime, just before bed.

 breakfast in bad

3 cities and 3 restaurants

3 cities: Havana - New York - Barcelona. And also Bath, but that's home for me so it doesn't count.
3 restaurants: Dimes, NY - Gjelina, LA - Flax & Kale, Barcelona


What always travels with you?

Essential oils & melatonin drops - especially for long haul flights! Also, adaptogen powders and powder or sheet face masks; i ramp up my beauty routine whilst travelling as my skin tends to get dry, sensitive and tired looking easily.

Best way to wear a shirt?

I love my shirts oversized and masculine - nothing too fitted. I wear them buttoned down as a cover up - over swimwear, at the pool or over underwear, at home. I also love wearing them half undone and tied in a knot at the waist, or buttoned up and tucked in.

If you could give your younger self one advice, what would it be?

There is no right way. there is no rule book that has your exact future written, only stories of other lives that stand as guidance or suggestions. you don't have to know what you want to do immediately and you don't have to go through life conventionally or the way you're told to. life is what it is; everyones is different, and you have the chance to create a life you dream of, and make it whatever you want it to be. if you can dream it, and if what you think you want is meant to be, it will come. but in time; maybe not straight away, but when the time is write and when you've learned all there is to learn in order to be prepared for what your are destined.

danielle in a strap top by sunadDanielle wears the Atacama top in Sand.

 How do you incorporate sustainability in to you daily routine?

I eat as locally and freshly as possible, choosing fresh produce as much as possible over heavily packaged products which have journeyed for miles and used up immense energy and other resources to be produced and distributed. I also use beauty and skincare products made from as natural ingredients as possible. if it goes off quickly, its good for you! I use a combination of vegan, organic, ethical, 100% natural and handmade beauty products, where possible. I also don't use cotton wool pads or plastic earbuds anymore - i use bamboo earbuds and re-usable fabric pads to remove my make up. I also use bamboo loo roll (sounds weird but its incredible), a bamboo toothbrush, and a bamboo hairbrush - trying to keep plastic to a minimum. In terms of clothing, i shop mostly vintage or second hand and rarely buy new things. i also recycle things i no longer need by selling on Ebay or giving to friends or charities. In terms of transport, i try to walk as much as possible instead of driving, getting buses or trains. If i have to take public transport further, i walk as much of the way and bus the rest.

What's the best part of your day/week?

It would have to either be yoga, which i do either in the morning or evening, or the weekends i spend with my boyfriend, friends and / or family. The simplest things but the purest moments where i really feel wholly present.

Who inspires you?

Ah, so many people. I'm not a feminist, i'm an equalist, but I do admire the females around me as I think we go through so much, emotionally and physically, and to still keep our cool, manage relationships and families, i think its so powerful and so impressive. I'm also particularly inspired by other female entrepreneurs around me, and by other people discovering that their passions are their purposes, and making it their job and, ultimately, their life. I wouldn't have gotten to where I am now without follow female founders close by to offer support, encouragement and even advice, from time to time. I think women in the workplace, especially in start ups or doing something they are truly passionate about, are so authentic, and they're genuinely willing to help others. In an industry that is predominantly masculine, there is a lot of competition and one-upmanship, and people hold their cards close to their chests - don't send the elevator back down once they're reached the top. I just think thats childish and insecure, as we all came here with nothing, and it is our education, experiences and mentors that have helped us to grow. So, basically anyone willing to help others on their journey is an inspiration to me.