Care guide: Linen

Care guide: Linen
Have you been wondering how to clean your linen shirts? How to wash linen clothing? We pride ourselves in producing clothing that will grow old with you, that is if you take care of it too!
Here are some tips to take care of your linen pieces.
1. If you're going to machine wash your linen items, use a delicate or short cycle with cold water. You will extend the fabric's life if you hand wash it instead. It's better to use a mild detergent for delicate fabrics. 

girl swimming in the water with a linen shirt

2. Air-dry your linen garments on a hanger or lay flat on a drying rack to avoid wrinkles. Avoid using a dryer. 
3. Set your iron on the linen setting and iron while the garment is still a bit damp. Dark linen items should be pressed only on the reverse side or you might get some shine. 

sunad linen shirt worn at home

4. Linen has a wrinkle that is part of the nature of the textile and makes it special. Don't worry if the colour changes with use, it's supposed to grow old with you.