Care Guide: Silk

Girl wearing a silk shirt at the beach
We pride ourselves in producing clothing that will grow old with you, that is if you take care of it too!
Here are some tips of how to take care of your silk pieces.
1. We recommend leaving washing to the experts at the dry cleaners. However, if you are going to wash it at home, hand wash them in cold water with a mild, silk-friendly detergent. 
Sunad blue silk shirt
2. To remove excess water, you could help yourself with a towel but avoid rubbing on stains or twisting the fabric. Hang the garment or lay flat to dry. Do not expose it directly to the sunlight as the colours can change and turn yellow. 
3. Most wrinkles can be removed by steaming. If you don't have a steamer, one trick you can use is to hang your garment in the bathroom while you're taking a hot shower. 
4. Store your silk items in a cool, dry place. If you're going to store them for a long time, keep them in a breathable plastic bag.